Hi I’m Goldie

I used to live around the corner and I’m the oldest of all the residents here at Birchview.

I absolute love a mid-morning nap stretched out in the sun. Nothing better.

I like the young ones but they wear me out with their antics

Dillon in need of a haircut

Hello, I’m Dillon and am four years old.

I used to live in the Huon valley before coming to reside at Birchview.

I’m pretty shy and can seem a little stand-offish.

I love being at Birchview as the owners dish out the pellets often and  generously

Hi everyone, I’m Hamish and was born at Birchview three Years ago.

I think I am the good looking one. The others are cute but I am prettier

I love teasing Dillon as he get so worked up and I can’t get enough of wrestling with my mate, Frankie





Howdy, I’m Frankie and I was born at Birchview over three years ago.

Hamish thinks he’s the cutest but everyone knows that I am.

I love to give all the visitors a big kiss so pucker up


Hi, I’m Pearl and I have lived here the longest  being the first animal on the farm

I don’t mind the alpacas but they are a bit odd at times.

I do like getting my own way and bossing the owners around.


Jojo overseeing Birchview's grden

Honey, Tatiana and Lulu





We’re the chicks of the farm and we really landed on our feet when we came to Birchview.

The owners dote on us and let us run riot in the front yard.

A very fine life.